Corporate Accommodation – Self-Catering or Hotels?


With many travelling executives now travelling for longer periods of time for work, it can be difficult to find comfortable corporate accommodation. Below we delve into what self-catering accommodation can offer – and more specifically Pringle Farm – which hotels cannot for business executives.

Winter warmers – There’s nothing worse when the temperature drops; an erratic heating system. In a hotel you can never seem to get the temperature comfortable and coming back from a long day to a poor night’s sleep because of the heat or cold is never ideal!

Thankfully, Pringle Farm has the home comfort of under floor heating with modern system control in every barn. These small luxuries can really make all the difference on those winter nights.

Entertainment, anytime – To fill your evenings in a hotel you wouldn’t normally expect more than Freeview channels on a poor-quality TV screen, with the rare classic film showing to keep you entertained.

At Pringle Farm you can benefit from the modern technology of Smart TV’s in all living areas and each principal bedroom. That way you’ll never have to miss the start of your favourite film again and you can browse through endless on demand entertainment.

No more late evenings at the office – Everyone inevitably has to put in more hours at the office occasionally. However – if you’re going to be working away from home – you may as well work in comfort. It’s never fun being the only person left in the office, but staying in a cramped hotel room with poor Wi-Fi often makes this seem the preferred option.

For this reason, we have invested in super-fast broadband across the whole site and numerous USB ports so putting your feet up and working from home will never hold you back. And our spacious living areas and comfy sofas will make it feel like you’re not even working!

Fully equipped kitchens – Staying away from home – especially for longer periods of time – can often lead to taking up expensive and unhealthy eating habits such as takeaways and room service. This novelty can soon become tiresome and leaves you craving a home cooked meal at your leisure.

Pringle Farm have brand-new kitchens with all the cooking equipment you could possibly need to get yourself back into a routine. Along with Nespresso machines in every kitchen, the luxuries we provide will ensure you’ll be reluctant to leave!

A refreshing night’s sleep – A good night’s sleep is often a rarity in most hotels with hard mattresses and noisy surroundings. Waking up to a full day working on little sleep can leave you feeling low on energy and demotivated; something you’d always be keen to avoid.

Not only do we have 5* quality Hypnos beds with 200 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen, but our rural setting is incredibly peaceful. The only problem is you’ll be so comfortable it will be a task getting up in the morning!

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