Why a UK break is a better option than abroad travel right now


With so much uncertainty in the air but the whole country desperately needing a holiday, many have been conflicted about whether to book a holiday to provide some light relief from COVID-19. However, with constantly changing circumstances and so much to explore in the UK countryside, here are 5 reasons why now is not a great time to book a holiday abroad:

Changing restrictions

In addition to the government advising us not to travel, lock down restrictions are constantly changing and there is a possibility they could become more strict if there is a change in circumstances. Unlike breaks in the UK, accommodation booked abroad may not be as lenient with refunds and could cause a lot of unnecessary stress!

Airlines will always be keen to increase their operations, but they may not always have your best interests at heart and can be an additional risk for you as a customer.

A chance to take advantage of UK breaks

It’s not all doom and gloom with the lack of travel abroad. The UK has so many idyllic locations that are often left unexplored by people seeking the sun in different countries. With the timing of the lockdown, we have already experienced great weather and the Summer is ahead of us to further enjoy some British sunshine.

Especially for city residents, this can be an opportunity to escape to the countryside and take part in some outdoor activities you normally wouldn’t experience, The Yard @ Pringle Farm is set in stunning countryside and has multiple outdoor leisure parks where cycle routes and water sports are plentiful.

The unknown at your destination

Although we are constantly updated with changes in our restrictions through the news, it can be difficult to stay up to date with advancements in other countries. Their restrictions could be changing and the attractions that you would ordinarily enjoy at your destination could be on hold. 

This could make your trip less enjoyable and there is always a possibility a sudden outbreak could either cut your trip short or create a struggle in returning home.

The risk of transmission during travel

After almost three months staying in our own houses and going outdoors for exercise, being in the enclosed space of a plane with many other people could prove a big risk. With the relaxed approach from British airports so far in terms of testing, there is no guarantee you won’t be sitting next to someone who is infectious.

The last thing you want to worry about when going on holiday is becoming ill and passing this on to other people, so this stress can be avoided by staying in the UK.

The dreaded two week quarantine

The government have recently announced that anyone arriving in the UK from abroad must quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. For many people this quarantine makes the trip in itself not worth the hassle caused. Not only would many companies not allow their employees to take this time off work, but it could make daily tasks more difficult as you are not able to leave the house whatsoever.

Not only could a holiday to the UK make more sense in this respect, but this still enjoyable trip can help rebuild our economy.


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